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When Cydney Payton took over as Director and Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art | Denver, she knew she needed to build a strong new image for the institution. And she had to do it fast. We started with a simple monogram and an attitude. The logo varies (the color changes, the letters rotate) as do all the design materials, according to the look of the current show. The goal is to keep the image always fresh, always contemporary and always looking like it came from MCA | Denver.

The Museum’s Shop identity.

After we introduced the new identity, the first newsletter featured the “Go Fish!” show, curated by the fabulous Jane Fudge. The newsletters folded out to 24 inches square with a poster on one side and text on the other.

Yes, we quoted W. C. Fields who, when asked why he didn’t drink water said, “Fish fuck in it.” A prominent local art critic noted this in print and suggested something new was happening at MCA. Mission accomplished.

Identity for the "5 abstract" show curated by Cydney Payton.

Save the date postcard for one of the Museum's "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" fundraisers The dinners were themed to a different artist each year. Guess who it was this year?

MCA Newsletter, 2004.



Shown: John David Rigsby; Untitled (detail); 1979.

Shown: John David Rigsby; Untitled; 1965.

Cydney was open to ideas like “expressionistic” typography to reflect John David Rigsby's painting.


Program Identity


Before the Museum built its new home, they sponsored the series, "Architects on View." These were public job interviews as well as an introduction to the thoughts and works of six visionary architecture firms. David Adjaye was the clear favorite and his new building opened in 2006.

Until I worked there, I hadn’t realized that museums are in the party business. There’s some kind of fund raiser practically every week. This is the logo for one of the yearly celebrations of the Chinese New Year. It was the "Year of the (Hot) Dog." The party was a wiener roast. The logo is derived from the Chinese symbol for fire.


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