Identity Design/Branding


Over many years, designer Roberta Cation and architect B. Story Swett, AIA, OAA built a reputation for bringing rare creative vision to their projects. As they found themselves being commissioned to do more and more museum work, private libraries and galleries, they decided to distill their image and focus on doing “structures for important collections.” The new identity became a collection of logos, each recognizable as part of the Rara identity and each referring to a different historic period.

The stationery suite was printed using letterpress by Gail Watson of Zuni Press.

To introduce the new identity, they mailed out a series of postcards with concise messages: "Specializing in the rare and the curious," "Seeking visionary clients," and "Wanna come over and play?"

The invitation to the June inaugural party featured a James Russell Lowell quotation, "And what is so rare as a day in June?"

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