Identity Design/Branding


Ski and Sea provides housewares service for the timeshare industry. Sometimes an identity can be as simple as a consistent type treatment supported by a set of graphic elements and an attitude. Ski and Sea’s identity is characterized by a palette of bright colors - there are no official logo colors - and by always cropping images into a square.

Capabilities Brochure


Guests arriving at a vacation rental expect to find a well-equipped good looking kitchen. Ski and Sea was the first to provide complete housewares packages, packed together and ready to install in the guest room. The developer didn't have to worry about finding and replacing dishes and toasters and teaspoons.


Dinnerware and silverware patterns change constantly and if a guest breaks a dish or if a serving spoon goes missing - guests at a beach resort sometimes improvise when the kids want to shovel sand - the developer may be faced with replacing all the dishes or silverware in a kitchen. Ski and Sea was the first to manufacture its own patterns and guarantee matching replacements for 10 years to come. They've been making good on that promise for over four decades now.

Product Lines

Names and Identities


Ski and Sea manufactures its own lines of dinnerware and silverware at two price points. The high-end products, Eterna and Perpetua, are guaranteed to be available to developers for at least 10 years. Versa and Journa are Ski and Sea’s versatile everyday dinnerware and silverware. I named the product

lines. The logos are derived from Mrs Eaves, one of the two corporate fonts.



What should you do for trade show giveaways (AKA swag)? Nobody needs another logo-encrusted water bottle or gimme-cap. I found these inexpensive friendly spoons in a housewares catalog and they’ve become Ski and Sea’s signature giveaway. People ask for them and collect all the colors.



Designers and architects sometimes specify the housewares in resort properties. I designed and wrote mailers and emailers to resemble the materials boards these clients use when they do presentations. These highly-targeted promotions get remarkable results. Where broad-based direct mail campaigns are hugely successful if they get a 3% response rate, some of these mailings get 15%. And we know designers keep them in their files because they refer to products featured when placing orders months or years later.



Just to keep in touch with clients, quick, funny postcards with invented housewares emoticons and housewares "facts."

Christmas Cards/Ornaments


Always housewares arranged into snowflakes.



Thanksgiving Gift Cards


The emphasis at Ski and Sea has always been to build relationships with clients. For Thanksgiving, clients always receive a little box of good things to eat, along with a note thanking them for their business. One day, one of our best clients sent an email thanking us for the goodies and enclosed a photo of the cards, which she's kept over the years. She said, "I’ve also collected your cards over the past three holidays, and have now accumulated a sweet collection of delicious greetings from you!" I felt like I'd done my job that day.



Promotion for The Office Kitchen, a line of housewares for corporate boardrooms developed by Ski and Sea. The colors are more corporate (read: subdued).

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